LEGOLAND Florida Hotel Review (Is It Really Worth It?)

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We’ve visited LEGOLAND many times before and could never bring ourselves to shell out for the LEGOLAND hotel. We would look at the price and wonder, “Is the LEGOLAND hotel really worth the cost?” 

Well the last time we went to LEGOLAND Florida with our three young boys, we decided to pull the trigger and spring for the LEGOLAND on-site hotel.

In this article we’ll talk all about our experience and whether or not we felt it was worth what you pay for it. Spoiler alert: It totally was!

If you’re considering staying at the LEGOLAND hotel, read on for our detailed review of the LEGOLAND Florida hotel!

LEGOLAND Florida Hotel Review

Initial Impression

LEGOLAND Florida review

As soon as you step into the LEGOLAND hotel, you can tell that this isn’t going to be a regular hotel experience. As you walk in the front entrance, you’re greeted by bright colors, friendly faces, and incredible, life-sized LEGO masterpieces.

Located around the lobby are pits of LEGOs where kids can build whatever their hearts desire. This was one of the few times our kids haven’t been impatient waiting for us to check into our hotel. We were the ones that finally had to drag them away!

Playing with LEGOs at the LEGOLAND Florida hotel

Towards the back of the lobby there’s also a child-sized castle for kids to play in along with, you guessed it, more LEGOs.

Even the elevators bring the fun with disco lights and dance music, so the party follows you all the way to your room!

Features of the LEGOLAND Hotel

Kindgom Room at the LEGOLAND Florida hotel

One of the highlights of staying at the LEGOLAND hotel is definitely the immersive, LEGO-themed rooms.

When you book your room, you have several different themed options to choose from including Pirate, Adventure, LEGO NINJAGO, Kingdom, and LEGO friends. 

They’re all great options with fun LEGO decor, the best one for you will likely just depend on your child’s interests. 

The rooms sleep up to five and include a separate kids sleep area (which our kids thought was AMAZING). The kids sleep area has a bunk bed and a pull out trundle bed as well as their own private TV.

The rooms also come with LEGOs for kids to play with during their stay.

Another fun feature is a fun treasure hunt for kids to complete in the room. The treasure hunt involves a series of clues for them to solve to get a code. Once they have the code they can use it to unlock the safe in the room and earn their treasure! (Spoiler: our treasure was a small LEGO set for each kid and juice boxes).

Treasure from the room scavenger hunt at the LEGOLAND hotel

Our kids found the room to be so fun that once we were in there it was hard to drag them out to do anything else.


Probably one of the biggest draws to the LEGOLAND hotel is its convenient location next door to LEGOLAND itself. 

At the LEGOLAND Florida hotel they don’t have early access into the park for hotel guests, which we were a little disappointed about, but it ended up not mattering because there were no crowds to get in while we were there. Even without the early access, you can’t beat the convenience of being located right next door to the park.

We found this to be such a nice feature that really made our stay so much easier. We didn’t have to get the kids up early or worry about parking, we could just stroll out of our hotel and around the corner to LEGOLAND.

Not to mention if you need to run back to your room during the day it’s right there! This is really ideal if you have a young child that is still napping during the day.

And after a full day at LEGOLAND we were glad to have quick access to our hotel so we could head back, relax, and enjoy the evening activities at the hotel.

Family style breakfast at the hotel restaurant

Your stay at the LEGOLAND hotel also includes a complimentary buffet breakfast. Usually there are two restaurant options, but we were there during the off-season so at that time there was only one restaurant open. 

The buffet is family-style, which means that you sit down and your waiter brings platters of food to your table based on how many people are in your party. 

Although this means you can’t pick exactly what you want (although you can always ask for more), we actually found it pretty convenient with young kids because you don’t have to traipse back and forth to the food tables and guess what they want or how much they’ll eat, everything comes to you! 

 I’d recommend going early if possible to beat the crowd. We didn’t get there until around 9, so there was a bit of a wait. Our kids didn’t mind because they just played with LEGOs while they waited, but it did mean we had to rush a bit to get to LEGOLAND right as it was opening. That might also be due to the fact that there was only one restaurant open at the time.

If you’re back in time for dinner you can also enjoy the buffet dinner offered at the hotel restaurant. Note that if you are a passholder, you can eat at the buffets in the LEGOLAND park for a discounted rate, which is our favorite option for dinner!

The hotel’s commitment to family-friendly fun was evident at every turn and there were lots of extra experiences that added to the magic of the stay.

Creative Workshop
Creative Workshop at LEGOLAND Florida

One of our favorite experiences was the Creative Workshop, where young LEGO enthusiasts can follow along with a Master Model Builder to build their own small LEGO set. 

Each day there is a different set to complete and the kids get to keep their LEGO set when they are done!

You need to sign up in advance to secure a spot in the workshops as there are a limited number of participants for each session, so be sure to sign up online or at the kiosk in the lobby.

We actually didn’t know about the workshop on the first day we were there, so hopefully you can learn from our mistake. If possible, sign up for a workshop every day you are there to maximize this awesome benefit. It’s definitely one of the highlights of staying at the LEGOLAND hotel.

Our kids had an absolute blast with the workshop and were so excited to bring home their adorable little LEGO hedgehogs that they made!

Nightly entertainment
Trivia night

Another exciting element of your stay is the evening entertainment. After a fun day at LEGOLAND, you can head back to the hotel and enjoy the evening activities at the hotel!

There’s always some sort of exciting nightly entertainment going on at the LEGOLAND hotel which varies depending on which nights you’re there.

Some of the activities include LEGO building challenges, storytime, trivia, games, and bingo. And every night there’s a pajama dance party before bed.

We got to experience a trivia night while we were there, which was so interactive and fun for our kids. The employees leading the trivia game were awesome with the kids. They were engaging, funny, and made the trivia something that was fun for kids of all ages.

Our kids also loved the dance party, which was a great way to get all those wiggles out before bed (or get the kids all riled up, depending on how you look at it…). 

It’s really hard to be bored when you’re staying at the LEGOLAND hotel because there is always something fun going on!

Other features

Building LEGOs

There are many other little features that make the hotel great, like LEGO character encounters, a themed room where you can watch the LEGO movie, and additional charge experiences like the minigolf and smores kit. 

Throughout the hotel you can find many LEGO building opportunities, including prebuilt scenes to which you can add your own LEGO additions (like the pirate scene above).

Of course, the hotel also has a LEGO-themed pool, complete with floating LEGO bricks and a big slide. Unfortunately we never got to enjoy the pool because we were just too busy doing all the other activities at the hotel. 

LEGOLAND hotel pool

All of these little details come together to make for a fun experience for the whole family!


Although the LEGOLAND hotel can seem a bit pricey, there are a lot of benefits that come with access to the hotel. In addition, there are a few ways you can mitigate these costs.

Passholders get a discount when booking hotel rooms, so if you’re going to be at LEGOLAND for multiple days it might make sense for at least one person in your group to get an annual pass to take advantage of the discount (I think it’s 15 percent).

Another option is to find a kids-go-free package. These can be a little tricky to track down as they aren’t published on the main website, but we can usually find that deal here. You can usually call in and mention the deal and they will typically honor it as well.

With this deal, you can book a package to stay at the LEGOLAND hotel (and other nearby hotels) with free tickets included for kids. Note that you must pay full price for one adult ticket (and this is a full priced ticket and is often more expensive than the tickets that you buy on the website).

We find that the rates for other, non-LEGOLAND hotels are also typically cheaper through this packaged than their published rates.

Would we recommend the LEGOLAND Florida hotel?

LEGOLAND hotel room

Honestly to us, the LEGOLAND hotel was totally worth they hype.

I think part of it was that our kids were the perfect age to find it really magical (at the time they were 3, 5, and 7). And they are obsessed with LEGOs, so being surrounded by immersive LEGO experiences was a dream come true.

There were so many additional activities and perks that came with staying at the hotel that our kids couldn’t wait to get back and spend time at the hotel.

And for us as adults it was a great experience as well. There was so much to keep our kids entertained and there was really an added level on convenience with being onsite. We also appreciated having a hotel room that was designed to accommodate a family of five, which isn’t always the case.

My biggest recommendation would be to be sure to leave enough time to enjoy all the features of the hotel, as there really is a lot to experience.

But we would definitely stay at the LEGOLAND hotel again and would recommend it to other families as well.

Final Thoughts

Honestly the biggest downside to the LEGOLAND hotel is that there’s almost too much to do! 

I would highly recommend staying at least two nights so that you can maximize everything you want to do at the hotel while still getting the most out of LEGOLAND.

In every aspect, the LEGOLAND Hotel went above and beyond to make our stay memorable. The staff’s friendliness and enthusiasm, coupled with the LEGO-themed charm that permeated every corner, created an atmosphere of filled with fun and excitement. 

Staying at the LEGOLAND Hotel really was an immersive experience where creativity, fun, and family memories seamlessly came together.

Hopefully our personal review of the LEGOLAND Florida hotel can help you decide if a stay there is right for your family!

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