About Us

We are your typical fun-loving family. We love playing games, eating tasty food, spending time together…oh, and TRAVELING with our three young boys.

We hear so many people talk about traveling with young kids like it’s impossible.  We’re here to tell you that if you want to travel with your children, DO IT!  It’s definitely different than traveling without kids in tow, but if you’re willing to put in a little extra effort it can be totally worth it.  Travel is such a rewarding experience, we didn’t want to stop when we had children.  And we haven’t! 

By the time our first son turned one he had been on 33 flights and to 7 different countries.  He took his first step in Italy and walked for the first time in the Philippines.  And now that we have two more sons it has only increased our desire to introduce our children to new cultures and experiences. 

We’re travel hackers and we try to make travel as affordable as possible using credit card deals, status upgrades, and point redemptions to travel for free or at discounted rates.  And we’d love to share with you how we do it. 

What we have learned along the way is that travel with kids is not only possible, it can be a total blast.  It’s all about preparation and managing expectations.  If traveling is something that speaks to you, you can do it!  And hopefully our blog can help!