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DIY Toilet Paper Tube Binoculars- with free printable!

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These toilet paper tube binoculars are adorable. And kids love making them. Almost as much as they love playing with the binoculars when they are complete!

And all you need to make them is a few simple materials plus the free template available below!

We loved making these as part of our Uganda preschool unit. They are especially fun to make in conjunction with this easy safari hat craft. And this safari look-and-find game is a perfect use of these DIY binoculars!

Make your own toilet paper tube binoculars

Toilet Paper Tube Binoculars Craft


Materials to make the binoculars kids craft


1. Print out the binocular template printable available below. Make sure you print actual size, NOT scaled or the holes for the toilet paper rolls will be the wrong size.

There are two options available, one with animals and one without. There is also an optional bottom insert to provide a more finished look underneath.

2. Paint your toilet paper rolls in the color of your choice (you can also choose to leave them brown).

Paint the toilet paper rolls

3. While the rolls are drying, color and decorate the printable.

Color the printable for the binoculars kids craft

4. Cut along the dotted lines and fold along the solid lines- including the bold lines. Fold inwards, away from the pictures.

Tip: It’s easier to cut and fold the straight lines first, and then cut out the circular holes for the toilet paper rolls last.

Fold the paper along the lines

5. Insert the toilet paper rolls into the holes, starting with one side and then inserting the other.

Tip: Turning the rolls as you insert them can help prevent the paper from tearing.

Insert the toilet paper rolls into the printable
Insert the other side of the toilet paper rolls into the printable

6. Fold tab 1A over 1B and glue. Do the same on the other side.

7. Fold the bottom pieces below the toilet paper rolls down. Then fold 2A and 2B up and glue to tab 1A/B. Tuck 3A and 3B into the slot at the top. Do the same on the other side.

8. (option A- No insert) If you aren’t using the bottom insert, fold the remaining paper at the top down and glue it securely to the sides and the bottom. Then skip down to step 13.

8. (option B- Using insert) If you are using the insert, line it up with the bottom of the binoculars.

Insert one side at the tabs, so that the middle part goes into the hole and the outer part stays on the outside.

Attach the bottom insert

9. Bend the paper up slightly in the middle to allow the other side to insert as well.

10. Press down in the middle so that the center of the insert reaches the bottom between the two rolls.

Glue the bottom insert

11. Glue the outer part of the insert to the bottom of the binoculars.

12. Fold the top piece of paper around the bottom of the binoculars and glue in place on the sides and the bottom.

Fold the top part of the paper down

13. Use a hole punch to place one hole in the outer portion of each toilet paper roll. Cut a string to the appropriate length and tie one end on each side.

Punch holes into the toilet paper rolls for the string to attach the binoculars kids craft

The binoculars are complete! Now comes the fun part of letting your child enjoy their craft!

Completed binoculars kids craft

My boys had the best time running around using their binoculars!

Boy looking through the completed binoculars kids craft

Hopefully, your kids will love making these toilet paper tube binoculars as much as we did!

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