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Philippine Jeepney 3D Craft for Kids- with printable!

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If you’ve traveled to the Philippines, you’ve probably seen a jeepney. These colorful buses are a bright, often loud, symbol of Filipino culture. And now you can make one at home with our free 3D Jeepney printable!

These decorative buses are one of the most popular methods of transportation in the Philippines due to their cheap fares and extensive routes.

They are often jam-packed inside and sometimes even have people hanging off the sides or back.

Jeepneys in the Philippines

Known for their vibrant colors and often elaborate designs, each jeepney is unique.

With this craft, your child can make their own jeepney, decorated in their own personal style.

And with a few cuts and basic folds, their jeepney will be able to stand up on its own!

We made these jeepneys as part of our Philippines preschool study unit and my children thought this was such a fun craft. They couldn’t get over the fact that the paper cars they made were standing upright! What a concept.

Jeepney 3D Craft

Materials needed:

  • Jeepney Craft 3D Printable (download below)
  • Cardstock
  • Colored pencils or markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Instructions for the jeepney craft:

  1. Start off by downloading the jeepney printable available below. Print the template on cardstock paper.
Jeepney craft printable

2. Color and decorate the printable. Be sure to include the top, hood, and bumper areas as these will all be visible once you fold your car.

Colored jeepney craft printable

3. Next, cut out the jeepney, cutting around the outline of the jeepney and along the dotted lines.

Jeepney printable craft

4. Fold along the solid lines. This includes the lines at the roof, bottom, hood, and bumper.

Folding the jeepney craft

5. Finally, assemble the jeepney by gluing the tabs on the bottom, hood, and bumper.

Completed jeepney craft

Now you’re ready to enjoy your completed jeepney!

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