Christmas Tree 3D Craft

Easy Christmas Tree 3D Craft for Kids

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Christmas is just around the corner! And this Christmas tree craft is a great way to help kids get in the spirit of the season.

One of our favorite parts of Christmastime is decorating our Christmas tree. My kids get so excited when we pull out the tree and love helping us put up the ornaments.

So they were delighted to see that they could make and decorate their own 3D Christmas tree with this craft!

This craft is super easy to make and kids will love how it stands up on its own!

Christmas tree 3D kids craft

Christmas Tree 3D Kids Craft

Materials to make the 3D Christmas tree craft



Print out the Christmas Tree 3D printable below on cardstock paper.

If you’re coloring your Christmas tree with crayons or colored pencils, do that now. If you’re painting, wait until it is assembled.

Cut out around the Christmas trees.

Cut out the printable

Fold along the dotted lines, in on the grey dotted lines, and out on the black dotted lines. It will fold like an accordion, each edge lining up with the next dotted line.

Fold along the dotted lines

Next, glue each fold of the tree firmly together.

Glue the inside of the tree together

Cut out the extra white pieces along the perimeter of the trees.

Paint all sides of the tree green and allow it to dry.

Paint the tree

Finally, glue colored pom poms to your tree as Christmas tree ornaments. Let the glue dry and then set up your tree.

Add pom poms to complete the Christams tree craft

Now you have a cute Christmas tree craft to enjoy for the holidays!

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